Help Keep First Responders & Front-line Healthcare Workers Safe

Every bit helps the fight against COVID-19 and supports the incredible people on the front lines.

Roy Kirchner, founder and president of Ultimate 3D Printing Store, talks about why he believes he has a personal responsibility to help during the coronavirus pandemic.


Ultimate 3D Printing Store has added several videos to this campaign page to show people first-hand what we are doing, and what we have already purchased as far as personal protective equipment (PPE) to be distributed to first responders and front line medical workers in the Tampa Bay region and across the state of Florida.


The reason we are able to buy these critical PPE items is because Roy Kirchner (our founder and president) has an FDA license through his 3D printing business, which allows him to import medical supplies from overseas.


Right now, we are focusing on two key PPE items, which we believe can do the most good.

Roy Kirchner describes the first way campaign donations will be used, which is to purchase a variety of personal protective equipment like respirators and disposable medical clothing to provide to first responders and medical workers.


The first item is FDA/CE (U.S. and Europe) certified disposable protective clothing. This garment comes with a hood and is waterproof, dustproof (anti-bacterial) and suitable for general isolation in medical clinics, wards, laboratories and hospitals. 

The second item is FDA-cleared KN95 respirators from China. We are including a chart so you can see how these masks are almost identical to the N95 respirators, which are manufactured in the U.S.

Currently, Ultimate 3D Printing Store has purchased and has in-hand over 11,000 KN95 respirators


To date, we have purchased all of these supplies out of pocket because we saw how critical they are and how so many stockpiles were being rapidly depleted. Each mask has cost us $4 apiece with shipping included.


Our intention with this campaign is to raise enough funds to help offset the cost we have incurred, which is more than $45,000 to date. That will allow us to simply donate all of these respirators and other PPE across the Tampa Bay region, then out across the state of Florida and finally to any medical facilities and hospitals in the U.S. that are facing a critical shortage.


We also hope to use proceeds from this campaign for two other critical endeavors.


My company has the capability to manufacture 50 protective intubation boxes per day. These boxes have proven extremely effective in limiting exposure to COVID-19 when medical workers are intubating and caring for patients.

Roy Kirchner describes the second way campaign donations will be used, which is to purchase materials, fund manufacturing and cover shipping costs for protective intubation boxes to provide medical workers with a proven method to limit their exposure to COVID-19 when intubating patients.

Roy Kirchner explains the process for building protective intubation boxes, and why he and his company are uniquely positioned to manufacture this critical PPE.

Roy Kirchner describes what his company needs, as far as volunteer assistance and support, in order to pack and ship protective intubation boxes to hospitals with critical need.


Finally, I believe that we also need to be taking care of our amazing first responders and front line medical workers when they aren’t at work. To that end, I hope to use some proceeds from this campaign to secure safe lodging for them.

Roy Kirchner describes the third way campaign donations will be used, which is to purchase hotel rooms and other safe accommodations for first responders and medical workers who can’t go home for fear of exposing their families to COVID-19. 


When you donate to this campaign, you should have confidence that every dollar contributed will be going to help save lives.


I am asking you as a fellow Floridian and a small business owner to join our effort to protect our emergency personnel and show them how much their sacrifice means to our community. 

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Thank You and May God Bless You

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